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Community & Connection 

2019-2020 Accomplishments

Viera Charter School isn't any old school, neither is our PTSO! Though the concept is similar to what many recognize as PTA (the National Parent Teacher Association) VCS PTSO's style is always a bit different and always innovative! 

We truly consider ourselves a family & we would love it if you joined our Panther Family! 

  • a creative network of parents, teachers, students and administrators 

  • a connection and service hub (we serve VCS and our Viera Community with PRIDE!

  • a true family atmosphere

  • an extended arm of VCS to help achieve a greater goal for our students


We support excellence of education for VCS and enhance communication among parents, faculty and administration.


VCS PTSO encourages volunteer participation.  

Get involved, join the Panther Family! 


Volunteer HERE 

We want to spread the word!  To keep it simple: #VCSPTSO is our way of communicating that everyone is and can be a part of our mission too. Use our hashtag at all events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

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