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Fundraising is a large part of what VCS PTSO provides for the Panther Community. Each year we host  fundraisers to raise money to support the needs of the students and staff at VCS.  Money earned through fundraisers goes to purchasing technology, purchasing software, science tables, specific teacher classroom needs, outdoor equipment, and contributing to overall school improvements. 100% of money earned through fundraisers goes back into supporting VCS. Fundraising by the PTSO has been critical in the success of VCS.

Thank you to all those that participate in fundraising activities!


Our objectives, as stated in our by-laws,  are:

  • To act as the fundraising arm of the school.

  • To enhance the educational facilities for the children of the school through fundraising activities.

  • To cooperate with the administration and faculty of the school in the implementation of programs to enrich the cultural and social lives of the children by offering financial assistance and support.

  • To facilitate obtaining additional funding to purchase additional items to integrate in school programs as determined by the Principal and the PTSO.


Viera Charter School PTSO, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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